Walking Under Moon

Four naked foots ,walking silently; On the rough road, without seeing The road. An endless journey. Destination is the road it self. Full of uncertainty and sharp edges Cutting the soft skins To su… Source: Walking Under Moon

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Grey Feathers

All day, do what you like But don’t look at my eyes at night. Cold air blowing ,below our ribs We don’t need that silver seals Just need your side. To fly away from this world. Two light body and grey feathers Just save some little bit warm blood.

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Poem Of Dark

Awake at deep night Frozen and lonely. Fingers are shaking But im trying to  Hold them back, Into me. Useless  attempt. They are moving and Running on the white pages Freely, its not me as i was, Some years ago. They are drawing the Poem of dark. Useless, but it is pure By it self. […]

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A Calm Storm

Something ripples Inside of me Wanting to burst Like a storm at sea. The waves crash As if in a fight The ripples exude A strange light. Is it always calm After a storm? If so, Why don’t I feel so? Like a raindrop On the sea Will I be lost Similarly?

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They need money , not poetry!

Nice article ,everyone should read.   Poetic Justice—writing for Health and Emotional Freedom: Creating a Therapeutic Writing Program for the Chronically Ailing Poor Can they afford pen and paper? This is a book about poetry read more …from source. Source: They need money , not poetry!

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