Walking Under Moon

Four naked foots ,walking silently; On the rough road, without seeing The road. An endless journey. Destination is the road it self. Full of uncertainty and sharp edges Cutting the soft skins To su… Source: Walking Under Moon Advertisements

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Two Souls Of This World

We are two souls of same kind, Hyaline  and frozen . We left our heart and body; Many years ago, when we saw each other! We  started our journey   on the same path, Although  from opposite direction! Days, weaks,months,years then century, All passed one by one. But still the distance is too long That […]

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In A Foreign Land

Originally posted on Thoughts Of A Nyctophilliac:
Unknown city Unknown place Time moves fast At an unknown pace. White rooms Have slanting roofs Tall towers To look over what’s ours. Leaves turn brown The rain comes down The old stone still stands Pride and honour of this land. The night never sleeps Streets never end…

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He is a writer With words bleeding from his fingers With storms raging in his mind In the calm of the night. He’s got demons chasing him In the day and in the night When nightmares clog his eyes He might as well write. How should I bear it? He asks with all his might […]

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You saw my feelings and you understood You were there for me as I knew you would How can I thank you for what you don’t know you have done? How can I thank you for seeing me as someone? You h… Source: Poetry

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