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One Indian Girl,The Seventh Novel Of Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat  who is known  as one of the top influential Indian Fiction author. One who have the potential to express the stories like a real incident of someone’s life. Due to his writing  skills he  have the largest fan following from any other writer in India.
Not only stories or novels, Chetan has an opinion for everything. Whether it is politics, social injustice,sports,corruption or any other bitter ground.

After a long break he  again made his entry into the Indian publishing market. Through  his seventh novel,one Indian Girl.

What is One Indian Girl!

one Indian girl is  about an Indian girl and her struggle of life. Where the girl is intelligent and successful in her life. Ultimately for this reasons she finds it difficult to get love  from others.

The book presents a dark scenario of our Indian society. Where girls are pressed daily towards coroners of a grayish world.

The book One Indian Girl also asks…..why when it comes to love being intelligent  as  well  as too successful is almost a drawback for a women.
From a very early time Chetan wanted to write a book with a female character on first position. But surprisingly he can’t able to write a single one. After  a long time he  finally wrote , One Indian Girl.
In this book a huge importance on feminism was given by Chetan. Because according to Chetan   

“Feminism is equal  rights.There’s nothing too fancy about it. Sometimes it gets a little complicated because men and women want different things out of life. There core drives and motivations are different”.

After the publication of the book One Indian Girl, Bollywood actress kangana Ranaut has expressed interest to play the lead role in the 

Film adaptation.

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It Was The Woman!!!”

A poem by untold views of our life_admin

It was the woman who nurtures the seed,

It was the woman who gave you birth,

It was the woman who  take cares of you,

It was  the woman who grows you up,

It was  the woman who gives you inspiration,

It was the woman who teach you ,how to love?

It was the woman who  is the reason for your success,

It was the woman who teach you,what is pleasure?

It was the woman who is responsible for your  down fall,

It was the woman who tell you how to hate?

It was the woman who tell you what  is pain!

It was the woman who tell you how to break?

It was the woman who  tell you, how to irritate?

It was  the woman  who shows you, how to take life ?

Woman ;Woman; every where

Cause for your start ;reason of your finish.

And this is the  reason  for our shouting, everywhere

Ladies First!!!!!!!!!!!!!