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Poetry: People Calls Me A Bitch,Behind Me!


People calls me a bitch ,behind  me,

But now its alright ,cause i don’t  have time;

To care  about all those things .

My time fades  so firstly, like a spirit.

Cause I’m  the other player for those peoples,

Who loves to create moan secretly.

And that’s the reason  which makes my time,

To fade like a   Spirit!

People calls me a bitch,behind me!

But i don’t look like them;honestly.

I too have a beautiful pleasant face,

My bold hairs are too soft and,

It’s long enough  to touch my waist.

And what to  tell  about my two blue eyes,

They  are enough to take away the sleep , of many men’s at night.

Still I don’t know;

Why people calls me a bitch?behind me.


People calls me a bitch,behind me!

But once upon a time , i was  also a good girl like you.

I love to run with my  pink canvas at morning,

I love to catch butterflies at evening.

I too had a dream like all the other  girls,

To find my Prince charming in my life.

But world is not that  good what  I’ve imagined.

Yes i got my prince charming  ,many times;

Cause i have  the precious blue eyes,and a beautiful pleasant face,isn’t it?

But those memories are  like a rotten fish in my abdomen.

Cause those prince charming’s were haughty; honestly.

And this was the reason of my    smite,

To those prince,who made pieces of my faith.

And now people  calls me a bitch ,behind me!

But now it’s alright, cause i don’t have time,

To care about all those things……

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 Hold My Hand ,An Untold View  – Stories Of Our Life Poem.


Hold my hand and stand for some time,
Who knows may be it’s our last meet.

May be this evening  will never repeat again,

All i got is some time;

To see you closely.

Oh dear,i don’t know ;may be it’s our last meet.


Hold my hand, like – this day will never come back again.

We don’t know our tomorrow,

We don’t know next time we will be together; or not

All  we got is this moment.


Hold my hand and walk beside me

Who knows may be its our last chance,

To see into that deep eyes.

Hold my hand and stand for some time ,silently.

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