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Transforming his greatest fear into his passion!

***For all the folks who don’t know what Model UN is, visit my blog, you will find an introduction about it. ***

Sometimes we regret on our fears after achieving gold due to it.  It is the greatest trend of mankind to possess weakness or a phobia of something or the other. Sometimes your destiny is against you. You are destined to follow that throughout your life.

We all are scared of something or other, aren’t we? We often hesitate to transact things which we are not versed with or in which we lack the skill. It is our inner conscience which rebels when such opportunities are, whilst or body is just like a puppet following the orders of our conscience. Well same was the story with Mr.Rishabh Shah (Currently the founder of IIMUN). I would like to dedicate this blog post to Rishabh Shah, one of the greatest person I have ever met.

This story dates back when the concept of Model United Nations was just being introduced in schools. It was a usual day. History lecture was going on. All the faces were bleached with signs of despairity. The protagonist was a backbencher, an ordinary kid, possessing stage fright. He was customarily dozing off during the lecture ignorant of the world. His nap overlooked the advent of the school principal. Whilst he was sleeping, the principal spelled a few words about Model UN. 

The principal took his name and asked him to explain what Model UN is. Rather quiet timidly, he delivered a comic reply “A modeling competition?”. Undoubtedly this reply fumed the head mistress and she retorted, “You will be representing the school for the next Model UN”. Lady luck frowned on him. Finally life took its turn for him & that reply from his teacher turned all the tables. 

The anxious fellow was going to represent a nation (Saudi Arabia) at the national level discussing the global issues. He had no bait, since his principal mandated his participation else he would be kicked out of the school. 

He somehow managed to fly to Delhi for the most awaited event of his life. Upon entering the lavish gateway, he found out existence of 300 delegates. Well, for him it was like the entire global population has accumulated in that very room. This startling start unknotted the horrific conference. With ripe preparations, and a case history of stage fright, he hid under the desk. He found the entire committee little less amiable than he had expected. Another nightmare of his about being caught by someone came true. Picked up by a an over smart delegate, he weeped in front of the entire committee and ran outside in hunt of his teacher. His frail mind could not give room for such insults and he desired to depart for home. 

The smart teacher immediately called the principal to bad mouth about him. The principal blazed with rage and placed a heavier burden on his shoulders of attaining the best delegate prize! The boy was sent to the committee again. It was no less than hell for him. He was asked to deliver his speech. Rather faint-hearted, he arrived spelled out a few broken words, which were ironically appreciated, by the committee. This sole moment left a footprint of confidence, will, hardwork and morale. It threw light on the fact that, it is futile to run away from your fears, because in future, your fears are the one that will follow you.

The protagonist in the story mentioned above is none other than Rishabh Shah. Okay, well let me tell you about him. He is currently the founder of one of the largest Model UN agency named Indian International Model United Nations. It holds yearly conference on 108 cities in India and several other worldwide. The big fact is that, he organised a Model UN session in the headquarters of The United Nations in New York. Today he aims to campaign for a permanent seat for India in the United Nations. 

Rishabh Sir, if you are reading this then we are very glad to host such a powerful name of you on our blog. You are very humble, straight forward and an inspiring personality. You have filled the gap between politics (which is restricted to witty adults) to the basic education. Hatts off! 

Well, I would like to know from the audience about its greatest fear and measures that you are taking to combat it. 
***For all the folks who don’t know what Model UN is, visit my blog, you will find an introduction about it. ***

Amish Agarwal 

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India craves for peace, This mayhem needs to cease!




It was rightly said by someone that, India is the cradle of human race, the birth place of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and great grandmother of tradition. She is respected for her sundry values, secular terrain & of course the global spirit which is bleached on its citizens.

Today in the epoch of greed violence & hunger there exists a cold-war among people. Despites all odds, India stands tall with her shoulders broad proving her might & courage amidst the frail minded world.

But, the disturbing fact lies in the innocence of our nation. Be it the extremists or the cross border fights. India has sought solutions in a peaceful manner showing adherence to the ideals of Gandhi. Today her peaceful attitude seems to invites peril form all the corners of this fast paced globe. Inflation is scaling its heights, radicalisation is bustling, & poverty is reaching its ben whilst humanity is depleting.

Terrorism, often called extremism abounds India. It has gripped the entire globe. Be it Paris or Dhaka, everywhere the venom of humanity is boiling. This mayhem is everlasting. It is quiet certain that this venom will also engulf our India as well. It would seek our terrain for blood shed, apartheids, & genocides. The horrific fact often arises in my mind that if terrorists often mothed India, how would our nation, which breathes Ahimsa will react?

The Taj attacks, the Kashmir dispute, & the Chinese border fights are some initial tremors of a grave circumstance. It is quiet unfortunate that our own neighbours support terrorism. Prolonged support will only hinder the democracy & would give the evil to open up his claws. It can trigger the third world war. Nobody can imagine the how the glorious terrain of India would transform into an arena for nuke battles. Well I know it is very astonishing even to dwell such thoughts into our mind, but the truth is always bitter.

Today it is of paramount importance to turn these tables. Education can be used as a tool to bargain for peace. Our religions preach about the dominance of good over evil, but in this era who shall adhere to it?  It is the evil who is blazing & it is the good who is being influenced by this evil. The rest others are inclined to their monotony as puppets to the evil, in wait for a disaster to fall upon.

Well what if these puppets could rebel and outshine the evil? How would it sound if someone ever quoted that the globe is free of terror? Quiet ironical right? But today in the growing influence of education, moral value should be infused in the youth, development against extremism should reach its ben & lastly every Indian should develop hatred against the ashes of terror.

Oh dear Almighty,

We Indians are dotted with wit & power,

Let the lady luck shower her smiles on us,

We have the ideals of freedom flowing through our veins,

But still we crave for peace, & this mayhem needs to cease!



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