Why Do We Need To Take One Step Back |Life, Dreams, Wishes & Priorities

Sometimes we all need to take one step back. And re-think our wishes and priorities. You first dream about it, like it, starts thinking about it... The moments pass like a rollercoaster. Filled with excitement, little bit of fear. And the joy of doing something different next day. Finally, the dream becomes your wish. Now… Continue reading Why Do We Need To Take One Step Back |Life, Dreams, Wishes & Priorities


10 Things That Will Boost your Performance

To achieve your goals you have to work hard. Some people say that you have to work smart too. But nowadays best performers in major industries does both. They do hard work in a smart way. And by doing it they can complete a lot of work without compromising the quality and their health. Want to find out how? Read on ...


He is a writer With words bleeding from his fingers With storms raging in his mind In the calm of the night. He's got demons chasing him In the day and in the night When nightmares clog his eyes He might as well write. How should I bear it? He asks with all his might… Continue reading Writer

The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener

A micro story - presenting  a untold part of my life, a experience. Today, I was walking down my staircase and I saw one of the students with a malformed leg. The First thought that came to mind was: ‘I wish I was you.’. That is something pretty crazy right? Me, a near perfectly functioning human was wishing that… Continue reading The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener