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The Way We Move

The way we move

Don’t worry about it.

It’s a mystery.

The way we do it.

People call it  harmonic.

You know we don’t need anything

To live , but need a piece of silence

Lonely place only.

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Thoughts Of A Nyctophilliac

Eyes like the devil

I knew would destroy me

Voice like velvet

I knew would make me slip

Hair a jumbled mess

Don’t know if I am blessed

An innocent look that lurks

Almost hid the devilish smirk

Rugged beard

Tough to tame

Was his heart

Too tough to claim?

Glasses covered his eyes

But nothing was hidden

Could he look into my soul

Like I could unbidden?

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Poem Of Dark

Awake at deep night

Frozen and lonely.

Fingers are shaking

But im trying to 

Hold them back,

Into me. Useless  attempt.

They are moving and

Running on the white pages

Freely, its not me as i was,

Some years ago.

They are drawing the

Poem of dark.

Useless, but it is pure

By it self. Complete.

They are vomiting 

Those pains and feelings

And those  are now on that

White page. Rolling 

And becoming words,

As parts of the

Poem of dark!

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I Would Like To Love That Girl

I would like to love that girl

Who asks me

Can you help us when my papa

Goes to the city for work.

But not  that girl ,Who asks 

Can you die for me?

Cause i know it happens

Only  in fairy tales.

I would like to love that girl

Who asks me

If i die before you

Will you bring  some flowers

Everyday, for my burial,

i love flowers so much.

But not  that girl, Who asks

Can you wait for  me ,

Throughout your life.

Cause i know it happens

Only in fairy tales.

I would like to love that girl

Who asks me

If i get married

With someone else

Will you love me still

As a friend.

But not that girl, Who asks me

Im the only girl 

Of your life, or not.

Cause i know it happens

Only in fairy tales.

I would like to love that girl

Who asks me

Will you come everyday

To talk me

When there  will be 

No one to talk.

 I have seen those old lonely

Ladies ;waiting for death

 No bees comes 

To the old and weak, flowers

 same happens

With everyone.

But not that girl, who asks

Will you love me more than

You do, yourself . If i get 

Married to you.

I know it can only happen

In your  silly dreams.

Life is not so simple and small

Like a video game ,

 you thought.

Its much bigger and colourful

Only those can see

Who  suffers and still stands 

On the wheel of life.

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Baby I Would Love To


I would love to hold you close ;



I would love to feel you

Between my ribs,always.


I would love to walk with you

On the endless lonely road.


I would love to describe you

In front of every strangers.

Babyyy …

I would love to sail with you,

With my tiny boat ,under blue moon.


I would love to  travel with you

With a unfinished map.


I would love to grow roses

In my garden only for you.


I would love to find grasses and

Daffodils  for you

Even in the deserts of this planet.

Babyyy …

I would love to be the 

Small pinkish bud of your balcony.

Rather  than being shrub

At the queens garden.


I would love to eat corn with you

Even if other offers me 

Fatty soup in frozen winter.


I would love to dream about you

Always,  even if im standing on 

My broken mountain.


I would love to be the chain 

Of your neck.


I would love to be the rain drops

That touches and moves along 

Your chicks.


I would love to love you 



I would love to write poems ,

Only for you; always.


I would love to shout for you

Day and night

Oooooo ooo ooowww


You’re the only moon 

Of my sky.


I would love to stay awake

Beside you like a crazy vagabond.


I would love to die with you

And go to haven ,together.


If i have to chose only one soul 

For my heart…….

Baibayyyy……its gotta be you

Gotta be you……

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Two Souls Of This World

We are two souls of same kind,

Hyaline  and frozen .

We left our heart and body;

Many years ago,

when we saw each other!

We  started our journey  

on the same path,

Although  from opposite direction!

Days, weaks,months,years then century,

All passed one by one.

But still the distance is too long

That i can’t see  you clear,

Although, we are two souls of same kind,

Hyaline and frozen.

We are souls, we can go everywhere.

Anywhere in earth and beyond it too.

Although from centuries I’m searching,

The way of your heart.

Its strange ,for both of us.

We  are same, we know that.

Still i can’t be so sure ,

As we  are souls and left our brains,

In that body , when we left.

Yes i accept , souls can’t think.

But  do you remember? We left our all,

To be together as a one soul.

Although the earth is round,

Still we never meet .

From centuries we are on

An endless journey.

We are souls, of same kind.

We can go anywhere,

But i don’t know 

 the way of your heart.

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You Have My words, 💑 My Unspoken Love Story From My Dairy

Winters night has  covered the  earth with his darken  chest. Fog and soil touching each other now. Its the only time for them to fall in endless love. Suddenly my winter sleep broke without any  notice. Now its one am. I picked up my phone  and started looking at image gallery. Those photos reminds me about my one and only love, Isha; my life.
I don’t know how long i was lost  in looking at her. Suddenly tears started falling down along my chickes.

I was lost in many thoughts, Why we are away from each other ? Why   im failing everytime  to hold Isha though the world is against me. Why  we quarrel holding nothing but air inside us  ?
I know the reason ,  our intense love.  I know we are love birds. We can’t imagine  to spend a day without thinking about us. I know Isha also missing me a lot. Maybe she is also awake now like me.

At one side our intense love and at other side  responsibility .  In between this two things my condition is like  “two legs on different boats”.  Sometime i tried to get  lost in the hips  of  responsibilities  and sometime i surrendered  myself to Isha. But i failed in both. Sometime my heart was  revolting for  my decision and sometime world pinning me down.
I get so  worried   whenever i think about loosing Isha. I love Isha so much, more than my life.  But  many time, i hurted her… When she suffers in pain those  chains of responsibilities holdes me away from her. My heart also cries with her ,silently.  I can feel her pain. But what can i do to solve our problem? So i cry silently , men can’t cry  what society told me when i was young.

Maybe no one counts my tears  but my pillow absorbs every single drop of it. Whole days painfull jurney  every night gets deposited on my pillow. 

Everything can be fake! But the tears of my eyes and my conversations with my pillow is not fake!

Isha is everything of my life, its the only world where i want to breath.

Sometime  i think  , how can a  person becomes so important in your life? But i know its the reality its the life. 

Sometime i also think ,why i dedicated the  major portion of my life for her? 

The answer amazed me everytime. Only to get some love.

Hmm.Maybe she is the reason of my living. I only know ,i love Isha and i will do rest of my life. I cant imagine a world without her. How can i forget those evenings with her. How can i control myself to not look at her big eyes. How can i spend a day without holding her hand .

I only know she is everything. And i don’t want to loose her. Maybe i will loose the remained parts of me  if i loose her permanently.
A untold love story from my dairy…. To be continued…

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In A Foreign Land

Unknown city

Unknown land

Time moves fast

At an unknown pace.

White rooms

Have slanting roofs

Tall towers

To look over what’s ours.

Leaves turn brown

The rain comes down

The old stone still stands

Pride and honour of this land.

The night never sleeps

Streets never end

Forever alive

This foreign land.

Thoughts Of A Nyctophilliac

Unknown city

Unknown place

Time moves fast

At an unknown pace.

White rooms

Have slanting roofs

Tall towers

To look over what’s ours.

Leaves turn brown

The rain comes down

The old stone still stands

Pride and honour of this land.

The night never sleeps

Streets never end

Forever alive

This foreign land.

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