For A Class

Originally posted on Thoughts Of A Nyctophilliac:
There was a boy John was his name Despite being noisy He was my fav. Dealing with him Was not so easy Maybe that’s why I was affected so deeply. Sugar and spice And everything nice He sure added A twist to my life. An experience I would…

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Walking Under Moon

Four naked foots ,walking silently; On the rough road, without seeing The road. An endless journey. Destination is the road it self. Full of uncertainty and sharp edges Cutting the soft skins To su… Source: Walking Under Moon

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Grey Feathers

All day, do what you like But don’t look at my eyes at night. Cold air blowing ,below our ribs We don’t need that silver seals Just need your side. To fly away from this world. Two light body and grey feathers Just save some little bit warm blood.

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Originally posted on Thoughts Of A Nyctophilliac:
Eyes like the devil I knew would destroy me Voice like velvet I knew would make me slip Hair a jumbled mess Don’t know if I am blessed An innocent look that lurks Almost hid the devilish smirk Rugged beard Tough to tame Was his heart Too tough…

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A Calm Storm

Something ripples Inside of me Wanting to burst Like a storm at sea. The waves crash As if in a fight The ripples exude A strange light. Is it always calm After a storm? If so, Why don’t I feel so? Like a raindrop On the sea Will I be lost Similarly?

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He is a writer With words bleeding from his fingers With storms raging in his mind In the calm of the night. He’s got demons chasing him In the day and in the night When nightmares clog his eyes He might as well write. How should I bear it? He asks with all his might […]

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The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener

A micro story – presenting  a untold part of my life, a experience. Today, I was walking down my staircase and I saw one of the students with a malformed leg. The First thought that came to mind was: ‘I wish I was you.’. That is something pretty crazy right? Me, a near perfectly functioning human was wishing that […]

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Exchanged Places.

“Sister , do you mind exchanging places?” The first thing I noticed was his hair , longer than the girl next to him. He was sleek, mostly like my batch-mates from the university. Bemuse… Source: Exchanged Places.

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