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Grey Feathers

All day, do what you like

But don’t look at my eyes at night.

Cold air blowing ,below our ribs

We don’t need that silver seals

Just need your side.

To fly away from this world.

Two light body and grey feathers

Just save some little bit warm blood.

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Baby I Would Love To


I would love to hold you close ;



I would love to feel you

Between my ribs,always.


I would love to walk with you

On the endless lonely road.


I would love to describe you

In front of every strangers.

Babyyy …

I would love to sail with you,

With my tiny boat ,under blue moon.


I would love to  travel with you

With a unfinished map.


I would love to grow roses

In my garden only for you.


I would love to find grasses and

Daffodils  for you

Even in the deserts of this planet.

Babyyy …

I would love to be the 

Small pinkish bud of your balcony.

Rather  than being shrub

At the queens garden.


I would love to eat corn with you

Even if other offers me 

Fatty soup in frozen winter.


I would love to dream about you

Always,  even if im standing on 

My broken mountain.


I would love to be the chain 

Of your neck.


I would love to be the rain drops

That touches and moves along 

Your chicks.


I would love to love you 



I would love to write poems ,

Only for you; always.


I would love to shout for you

Day and night

Oooooo ooo ooowww


You’re the only moon 

Of my sky.


I would love to stay awake

Beside you like a crazy vagabond.


I would love to die with you

And go to haven ,together.


If i have to chose only one soul 

For my heart…….

Baibayyyy……its gotta be you

Gotta be you……

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Is our life really worth its value?


Is our life really  worth its valu….. My first articel at  Untold  Viwes Of Our Life. See my personal blog here.

“Life is but an empty dream” as stated by Henry Wadsworth is quiet a veracious statement which is  pertinent in today’s era. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success. In contrary every phase of life has hurdles which resists us to enjoy every moment.

Today materialistic wealth is considered as an enormous boon. It is inclined towards wealth. Undoubtedly one can attain all the heights with rich possessions, but does it fulfil  ones eternal desires? Well I staunchly believe wealth in life is only a parcel of happiness sorrow; Life can show a billionaire the hues of slums or could sketch a path to a mansion for a slum dweller. Our eternal desires can only be satisfied with right knowledge, aims, beliefs, determination and dedication.

Life is exquisite and even slightest shiver can render it futile. Life should be viewed from a different aspect of brotherhood, harmony and sympathy to inculcate it’s true value and develop a broader horizon. In greed and selfishness we are violating it’s norms leaving behind more obstacles to fulfil our objectives.

Yours views and opinions are highly appreciated.
Amish Agarwal 

See  my  personal blog here