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From Hobby To Full Time Blogger

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Long time no post, sorry for that. I was busy in creating some other pieces of stuff.

Yeah, finally I launched my lifestyle blog.

Blogging was a hobby for me when I started in 2015.  But now it turned out more than just a hobby.

I have passed many of my evenings creating content for a lot of random blogs sometimes for someone else. But I discovered that nothing can give you more pleasure than creating something for your own. A deep down inside your heart there always an urge to prove yourself.

When I started blogging I was in my college, completing my graduation. Like, every other, I thought to get a job after completing my graduation. It was going well but whenever I closed my eyes thinking about a 9 to 5 job, I felt that in reality, I don’t want to do it.

Yeah, it was the truth but I was afraid to believe it.

As the days passed I began to spend more of my free hours in exploring blogging and I started falling in love with it.  I realized ‘This is what I want to do in my life. I want it as a profession’.

This time I was sure and I didn’t mistake to choose the right one.

It was hard to decide but I did a little bit of planning. In 2nd year I thought to drop out from my college. But then I felt to have a backup, You never know when you need it.

I kept reading and learning a lot of other stuff like SEO, keyword research, branding and much more about blogging.

It took me around one year to know all the things and practice it on other blogs to make sure it’s good and better.

You could probably think that if I started 2 years ago then this time I could have a well-established blog.

Yeah .. maybe.

But I wanted to learn first then start because without creating a brand you can’t  imagine to be a professional blogger.

So I felt that college + learning blogging and building your own blog can mess the whole situation. So I waited for the right time.

Finally, I launched my Lifestyle blog as

So yeah that’s my long story of blogging in short

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Why You Should Never Break A Promise You Did with Your Children,Anytime


Promise is the  first step to bind our souls together. If it kept unbroken ,it makes the bond a special one.without right promises relationship between two or more persons is very hard to form. It is also important to grow your children into a perfect good hearted human being. Read this article to know about Why you should never break a promise you did with your children ,anytime.

Children’s are like  water  without any define shape. But as they starts growing up, the water starts losing its nature of liquidity and at later stages it forms into a ice like structure. After its transformation any serious  change is  a rare example  or very close to impossible. So, if you want to make your children an  ideal person  for your  society or nation, then you should take care of them from very initial,try to shape that water like structure of your children  with  a precise skilled hand.

Why you should not break your promises to your children

Why you should  never Break a promise you did with your children anytime….. 

The result of  breaking promises with children  is worse. It indicates that-from very beginning you are teaching your children to break promises? also teaching them directly or  indirectly that – breaking a promise is not a serious issue and there is nothing to be ashamed off and there is nothing serious to give importance to your spoken words. Thus you directing them towards a darkish future. May be unknowingly. But mistake is mistake and it also have  a bad reasult. So you should follow those usefull  tips  given in this article to make your children a better one. 

So from first day you teaching your children how to walk on a wrong road  So imagine ,ultimately what will be the result after ten or twenty years.
If we consider a case where a children learning from their elders that – breaking a promise is not a serious issue and we can make  any promises without any reason as there is no importance of it!

  • As the children grows up,he/she also starts making promises like everyone does. As they already got lessons about how to break promises? From there elders they also joins in the circle of promise breakers and starts breaking promises with others.In other words – simply lies before peoples on the name of promises as they already fixed that they  will break the promise.
  • On the other side a man gives importance to his promises and try to keep those up to his optimum level.As he learned moral values and value of your spoken words .

I  guess anybody who cares at lest a little bit about children’s will choose the  second option.

So try to think about children’s, who learns more from us than they learn by themselves.

But why those mistakes we didn’t noticed still!!  Usually don’t think about those mistakes  until it becomes a very serious issue.
So what is the reason, and what makes us blind when time comes for those broken promises?

Answer is-  it is normal for us. We also break promises and childrens learned from us. So how can we find those mistakes in others what we are doing everyday? 
Its time to think. What you want , and how you want to see your children after ten or twenty years?

So you want to get rid of this problem to make your children’s life a better one ,i guess.

To make your children a good human by hart , you should change some wrong lifestyle practice,  and follow these simple solutions to make your childrens life ,a better one.

  1. Don’t ignore moral teachings  by stating it as a old fashioned topic.
  2. Tell your children those stories only, that have something to relate with our  real life and have a good  thought.
  3. Avoid stories of super heroes and cartoon programmes as much as you can . It makes your children to dive into a imaginary fantasy world which is very different from our real  life. It also confuses childrens to chose what is real? And what is unreal?
  4. Don’t lie in front of your children
  5. Dont make jokes on someone’s bad times,even it is about your worst enemy.
  6. Dont discuss about other people and stop the conversation of what they shoud do?…..what they done ? etc.
  7. Don’t criticise some one else.
  8. Dont avoid your children’s  wish to be with you, even if it is about your best tv serial or cricket  match. Don’t let the child think he/she is less  important than the match or any other program.
  9. Last and serious point..don’t break those promises what you did  with your childrens. 

    So it looks so simple but this matter is complex and can affect your children. So if you want to make your children a virtuous person then always flow the rules from very begging.

    I think thats it! As it is a simple but complex topic ,I feel like…. im missing something ,but cant able to figure it out!   If you have anything to add or if you have  any question please leave it in the comments.
    If you think this article is help full then feel free  to spend some seconds to share among family members/friends  . Maybe from your small  contribution someone find this article help full. So if you like then share it on social media.


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    Best Unique Collection Of  Imitation  Jewelry At Reasonable Price  You Should Try To Enhance Your looks

    If you are  reading this article then I’m  sure you are looking for ,best imitation Jewelry collection at a reasonable  price to  enhance your looks. Well  after  reading this article you  will find  some best imitation  jewelry for you,yes I’m quite sure about that.

    This article covers…..

    • Meaning and how jewelry can help you to enhance your looks.
    • Collection of best unique imitation jewelry for you.
    • Store location and contact information of the store from where you can get your best imitation jewels at a resonable price.
    • Address of the  fashion designer also offers personalization of your jewelry and crafts for untold view readers at a reasonable price.

    You can get this only for $21


    Jewlery has been a popular craft from centuries among women as well  as mens to show-off their personal liking ,choice and also  to  enhance their looks.Its also have been a part of social status from centuries.

    There  are  many types of jewels but their basic classification is done on the basis of the elements they are made from. At present imitation jewelry is a popular choice for  the  mass because  it look   vibrant and you can carry  with  many outfits. Also a main thing  is cost or price  of the jewelry. Yes those  are perfect  for every women as  they  are  fits  in all type of budget. At present imitation jewelry is a popular choice among the major section of womens.

    Day by day we  are  getting a wide range of styles to choose  from. So ,our team untold view found some best collection from Prena  a Delhi,(India) based fashion designer already famous for her creative unique jewelary collections. 

    Here is her top collection  of imitation  jewelry you should try in this winter. Some design is created specialy for Autmn season, so, you can try those in both seasons to enhance your looks.

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    fashion quotient

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    Profile of the fashion designer

    Name:-  Prerna Ajmani

    Location:- Delhi

    Expertise in:- Imitation jewelry,crafts,clothing.

    Always remember you hear this first from untold view blog  . For latest updates and news about her new collection review follow us.we will send you best  stories at your inbox for free.

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    The Grass Is ALWAYS Greener

    A micro story – presenting  a untold part of my life, a experience.

    Today, I was walking down my staircase and I saw one of the students with a malformed leg.

    The First thought that came to mind was: ‘I wish I was you.’. That is something pretty crazy right? Me, a near perfectly functioning human was wishing that he wasn’t so perfectly functioning. But that was my thought. When I’d realised this, I looked into why I felt this way, it didn’t take me too long.

    I was normal, aside from me being pretty good in academics, I was normal. I had few mental and physical limitations outside of the norm if anything I had fewer mental limitations for a person my age. But why did I want to be less-abled?

    I wanted to be free from what was expected of me. I wanted to be outside of the narrow box that was ‘Normal’.

    When I had first attempted this, I did it through my grades. I started studying, and my grades shot up and now I’m in the top three of the whole grade. Then I tried art, I didn’t accomplish much but I’m pretty good at art. I got two awards, one in a school competition, the other in a competition for an art exhibition. But, because of this, the bar got raised, I had a harder time even getting close to  anything I’d done in the past. Everything I did, anything I put effort into seemed to not matter because it is overshadowed.

    I didn’t want that.

    That’s why I envied the one’s who are less-abled. They don’t have much expected of them, so anytime they do anything remotely good, people bring out the fireworks and make a whole celebration out of it. Of course, there are many shortcomings they have, that’s the main reason why they are celebrated.

    Looking from their point of view, they probably wish that their limitations didn’t exist, they might feel that because of these limitations, they are unable to reach their full potential. Making them envy those who don’t have their limitations, some even angry at them for not using their body to the fullest.

    This just shows how us, as humans, are constantly unsatisfied with our circumstances. The grass is always greener on the other side.

    Envy is something many of us constantly feel in our tiny, insignificant lives. It is part of human nature, us always seeing that there is something better. It is what drives us, but it can also hold us back. We always have an appetite for anything better that what we have now, for some, that is the only thing they are willing to take. This often leads to the detriment of themselves and others. When we envy, we begin becoming more susceptible to lying, to stealing, to doing anything to get what we envy, or to take them down.

    I found myself in this position of envy, wishing for anything other than what was happening to myself. I kept on seeing people with more accomplishments than me at an age much lower than mine. And that made me go into a downward spiral of sadness, descending into my own pitiful black abyss. People around me didn’t help, they only made me feel worse, that I wasn’t good enough to be great.

    Then I realised, I didn’t need to care.

    When I let go of all that, it was like the knife that was dangling over my head was removed. I felt free.Like a relief after reading a short micro -story.

    But I couldn’t help but descend back into that hole.

    I was back in the spiral. My heart wasn’t strong enough to keep it up. I couldn’t not care. I was too sensitive. But still, I tried. I tried to get to that point where I didn’t care. Where I don’t feel the constant reminders of my constant inability to reach my standard. I cried, I screamed, I hated myself.

    That is something that a person like me has to go through.

    I have good accomplishments, everything else is compared to what accomplishments I had achieved. Often times degrading the perceived quality of my work, so I have to work hard to cope with the standards I have to deal with.

    This is a reminder for everyone including me. Even if you see someone else with a ‘better’ life, who has it all going for them, they still aren’t content with it. What is important is that you try your best to be happy and content with what you have and still allow yourself to grow.


    Hi, I’m Kalvin, a new micro story  writer  at untold view – stories of our life. So yeah, hope you writingin any way.

    If you want to see my personal writing, it is at

     Feel free  to tell me ,how was this short story ? It is a experience of mine. So im intrested to see  your comments on it.

    Have a good day!

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    Making Hostel Rooms Inhabitable


    It’s that time of year again, the academic year will start soon. The time has come, for those of us who live in hostels, to pack our bags, and go to the place we will call home for the next year. I’ve seen many dorm rooms in the past year, my first time living in the hostel, and they ranged from looking like the Sahara desert, or worse, a garbage dump, to looking like paradise. Mine was quite barren for the most part of the first semester. I stuck to the essentials, and it looked more like a sterilized hospital room (thanks, OCD!) than it did like an eighteen-year-old’s dorm room. I never really felt comfortable there, it was like I was a guest in my own room, until I decided to make some changes. After having spent hours surfing Pinterest, and Tumblr (I do many things to avoid studying)…

    View original post 608 more words

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    Is our life really worth its value?


    Is our life really  worth its valu….. My first articel at  Untold  Viwes Of Our Life. See my personal blog here.

    “Life is but an empty dream” as stated by Henry Wadsworth is quiet a veracious statement which is  pertinent in today’s era. People overlook the main ideals of life by just following what others say in faith of achieving success. In contrary every phase of life has hurdles which resists us to enjoy every moment.

    Today materialistic wealth is considered as an enormous boon. It is inclined towards wealth. Undoubtedly one can attain all the heights with rich possessions, but does it fulfil  ones eternal desires? Well I staunchly believe wealth in life is only a parcel of happiness sorrow; Life can show a billionaire the hues of slums or could sketch a path to a mansion for a slum dweller. Our eternal desires can only be satisfied with right knowledge, aims, beliefs, determination and dedication.

    Life is exquisite and even slightest shiver can render it futile. Life should be viewed from a different aspect of brotherhood, harmony and sympathy to inculcate it’s true value and develop a broader horizon. In greed and selfishness we are violating it’s norms leaving behind more obstacles to fulfil our objectives.

    Yours views and opinions are highly appreciated.
    Amish Agarwal 

    See  my  personal blog here 

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    Top Benefits Of Having  A Girl As Your Best Friend

     A real friend means someone who is always there for you. In your good times as well as in your bad times. Those men’s are lucky who have a girl as a best friend.    Many men says -male friendship are the most special friendship. But most of the time it is not so true.

    Read this post Benefits Of Having A Girl As  your Best Friend  to know all those benefits of having a girl as your best friend, and why every guy must have a girl best friend in his life.
    Accept or not! A girl best friend is the one who can give you a better company from all off  your other friends. Specially during relationship problem or at a time of your career problem, nobody else can give you an advice as sound as your girl best friend. She knows every single part of you. Probably she  knows you even better than your girlfriend and definitely knows what’s best for you.

    • Girls love   shopping,anytime,anywhere. Mens know it better than all. Your girl best friend is always ready to go for shopping with you. They even have a by born talent of selecting clothes and style best suits on you. So you can depend on her to be your personal stylist.

    • The best thing to have a girl as your best friend is,she is always ready to watch a movie with you. No matters what  the film is about. You get a licence to watch everything, from ‘Titanic’ to ‘Grand Masti’ .

    • If you have a girl as your best friend then you always have a right on her tiffin box. She loves to give you  the best portion of it. She also loves to see you eating next to her.

      • She can be the best  memories of your life . Many crazy stuff  what you have done together that you cannot even imagine doing with your other friends.

      If you love your girl best friend then share this post to them as a token of love. If you still don’t have a girl as your best friend then go and find her now.

      Cause girls love those who walk first towards them to start the journey of friendship.

      If you have any other memories or  if you want to tell anything about best friend then shout it on comment box ,with that lucky name of your  best  friend.

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