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Micro – Story : The Broken Pen And The Girl,A Untold Story From My Childhood Memories

Once upon  a time……A nine-year old kid sitting at his desk. His  name is Samir . Today he came for a scholarship exam. He never attend any examination like this. His family was not so rich. He also have two sisters. So this exam is very much important for him and his family. If he able to score good then the scholarship money will help him to buy new books this time.

Samir is talented, as well as a hard worker. Like every other boy,he loves playing in green fields. But he do not play  much because he know his father is a part time worker in a rice mill. Every day  his father works whole day ,to see  their  smile at evening.
Samir don’t know much about the world . But he wants to be famous and to earn enough money that his father can enjoy everything without working in that rice mill.

Samir was always  serious about study. He also have a good image in his school. So teachers  recommended his name for the scholarship examination.

Samir got the question paper from a old lady teacher. The room is pin drop salient because the lady teacher scolding everyone who whispered for a moment. Samir started writing. Most of the answers of the question paper he know. He starts writing.

Samir brought two ink pens. One is black another is blue. But the teacher told them to write in back pen only . He surprised by listening such instructions first time.

The exam is one hour long. Samir did well only  three questions of  five marks each are left. But one question he can’t able to complete. He was lost in some thought for a moment. Suddenly a sound of dropping pen heard by all. No body showed attention to that sound. It  was samir’s black ink pen. When he pulled out his pen from under the bench, he found the ink was broken.

Samir don’t know what to do now. He only had one black pen. Now he can’t answer remaining questions. He become very tensed. His face became dark and sweats came up on his little face.

He don’t  know anyone in this room. He was also a shy boy to unknown persons. So he can’t even asks someone  for  a extra black ink pen . Now he was feeling guilty.

He began to weep silently. Sometime latter he realized a soft push from a soft fingur. A girl sitting at the bench beside him holding a beautiful black ink pen towards him.

The girl smiled and whispered very slowly…..

“Take it and complete your answers”.

Samir was speech less for a moment. He don’t know how to give thanks to the girl. He just started looking at her with big wet eyes.
The teacher shouted “-only fifteen minutes left”. Samir then quickly turned around and started writing down firstly.

He just completed all the answers in last moment. The final bell of the exam ranged. Now all students leaving the room and shouting loud. Samir was so happy now to find someone who helped him so much.

Samir whispered to the girl with his broken voice——..

“Your…. Pen.,; ummm… Thank you very much for this”.

The girl smiled and said with joyfully “it’s ok… I’m Rini,….mmm  but for what, you are crying that time!? ”

Samir don’t know what to say, he became tensed again.
Rini placed her hand on  samir’s shoulder and said…. -“hay it is nothing, look  i  only helped you a little bit isn’t it. Lets go our parents must be waiting ”

Both walking across a passage. Rini said -” i hope you get selected for the scholarship”.

Samir asked -” why?” .. Surprisingly.

Rini replied -” ummm…. Now you are my best friend and I’ll be proud of you if you get the scholarship. Isn’t it?”
Samir smiled first time in the whole conversation ……… And they began to walk towards the gate where their parents are waiting for them………

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Poetry: People Calls Me A Bitch,Behind Me!


People calls me a bitch ,behind  me,

But now its alright ,cause i don’t  have time;

To care  about all those things .

My time fades  so firstly, like a spirit.

Cause I’m  the other player for those peoples,

Who loves to create moan secretly.

And that’s the reason  which makes my time,

To fade like a   Spirit!

People calls me a bitch,behind me!

But i don’t look like them;honestly.

I too have a beautiful pleasant face,

My bold hairs are too soft and,

It’s long enough  to touch my waist.

And what to  tell  about my two blue eyes,

They  are enough to take away the sleep , of many men’s at night.

Still I don’t know;

Why people calls me a bitch?behind me.


People calls me a bitch,behind me!

But once upon a time , i was  also a good girl like you.

I love to run with my  pink canvas at morning,

I love to catch butterflies at evening.

I too had a dream like all the other  girls,

To find my Prince charming in my life.

But world is not that  good what  I’ve imagined.

Yes i got my prince charming  ,many times;

Cause i have  the precious blue eyes,and a beautiful pleasant face,isn’t it?

But those memories are  like a rotten fish in my abdomen.

Cause those prince charming’s were haughty; honestly.

And this was the reason of my    smite,

To those prince,who made pieces of my faith.

And now people  calls me a bitch ,behind me!

But now it’s alright, cause i don’t have time,

To care about all those things……

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