Cultural facts about Indian

10 Cultural facts about Indian Society ( Shocking )

India, the land of diversity and mystery. It’s a country where you can see numerous cultures, religions, and beliefs are inhabiting altogether.
From its one state to another, you can see a completely different set of language, food, festivals, dress, and architecture.

In this post, you will know about – some cultural facts about India, which Indians care.

10 Cultural facts about Indian Society

Cultural facts about Indian

1. Religion

Most of the Indian people give importance to their spiritual beliefs. They are serious when it comes to their religious beliefs.

In India, there are many religions ( 7 major ). And their religious activities also varies in great extent. But the cooperation in between different communities is so good that you can see different sacred places close to each other.

2. Indian Joint families
One of the best cultural facts about India is even nowadays most of the families are joint family. People who live outside of India may find this strange. Here in India son/daughter lives with their parents until they got married. Even after marriage a son and his wife prefers to live with their parents.

In rural sites, the family includes ( parents, wife, children, grandfather, grandmother, uncle ) They all lives in a large house with separate kitchens ( mostly ).
It may sound strange for some but here in India, it’s a normal thing.

* Indians have strong family bonds.

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3. Indian weddings

Cultural facts about Indian - wedding
If someone gives Indians one option ( only one ) to show off, then they will choose marriage ceremony. Indians love to splurge money, time and effort in weddings.

4. Movies and film celebrities
Indians are crazy fans about their movies and film celebrities. Here no-one gets more attention than film celebrities.

And one more thing… Bollywood is not the entire Indian film industry. There are many production houses based on different location and languages. ( it’s pretty big )

5. Indian food and spices


Indian food follows its culture. It varies so much with different places. North and west parts of India prefers mainly handmade bread and rice, where southern India people prefer Idli, Dhosa and Eastern part of India mostly prefer rice. ( There are a thousand varieties of curries and spicy veg nonveg dishes goes along with it )

6. Jobs
If you are a doctor/Engineer(IT)/IAS in India – then you will get additional respect from the society. Indian parents love to say this – ” My son/daughter is a doctor/ engineer ( pause for a second …observing the listener ) and yours? ” Now things have changed ( kind of ) may be because there are fewer vacancies in those posts.

7. Bargaining
Every Indian want to pay less. They can bargain 15 minutes; if required for Rs. 50. ( $0.84 )

But the shopkeeper will laugh when they go after paying the bill. ( It’s strange )

8. Fair skin obsession
Fairness creams have one of the biggest markets in India. Here white colored skins ( actually it’s not white, they only understand it when they go abroad ) are considered as a sign of beauty.

It’s a questionable cultural fact about Indian society.

9. Arranged Mariage System
Yes, still in India there is arranged marriage system. But most people who are not familiar with Indian culture they have a misconception.

Arranged marriage is something where both families meet first. They look ( actually research ) a little bit about others family history, social status etc. Both ( girl/boy ) gets enough time to understand each other.

Before marriage date normally there’s a gap of 40 to 55 days. Also, there are love marriages and live in relationship. In a rare occasion, child marriage is also get noticed in some rural village areas.

In today’s scenario, only 13 per 1000 marriages in India end up in divorce. Which is quite low. India ranks among 10th lowest divorce rate countries of the world.

10. Indians love to gossip
Indians are talkative. They have an opinion on everything. Starting from sports, politics, society, philosophy to culture.. Even in workspace Indians will start their chat whenever they get any chance.


Maybe this helps we Indians to share our culture and belief with others. India is the largest democratic county in the world in terms of population. yes, we are still fighting against poverty and corruption.
” Other countries attack India because it believes in peace” –

Things are changing.

India has a 7.1% GDP growth rate.
If you compare with other countries- England 1.8%, U.S.A 1.6%, Australia 2.8%, Pakistan 5.7%, China 6.7%.

It’s clear that Inda is progressing day by day; because of its unique culture which performs and promote peace.

Share the love.
What do you like about India?

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