dont lie to childrens

Why You Should Never Break A Promise You Did with Your Children,Anytime


A promise is the first step to bind our souls together. If it kept unbroken, it makes the bond a special one. without right promises relationship between two or more persons is very hard to form.

It’s also important to grow your children into a perfect good-hearted human being. Read this article to know about Why you should never break a promise you did with your children, anytime.


Children’s are like water without any defined shape. But as they start growing up, the water starts losing its nature of liquidity and at later stages, it forms into an ice-like structure.

After its transformation, any serious change is a rare example or very close to impossible. So, if you want to make your children an ideal person for your society or nation, then you should take care of them from the very initial stage.

So, try to shape that water like – structure of your children with a precise skilled hand.

dont lie to childrens

Why you should  never Break a promise you did with your children anytime

The result of breaking promises with children is worse.

It indicates that from the very beginning you are teaching your children to break promises? also teaching them directly or indirectly that – breaking a promise is not a serious issue and there is nothing to be ashamed off and there is nothing serious to give importance to your spoken words.

Thus you directing them towards a darkish future. Maybe unknowingly. But a mistake is a mistake and it also has a bad result.

So from the first day, children learning – how to walk on a wrong road  So imagine, ultimately what will be the result after ten or twenty years.
If we consider a case where a children learning from their elders that – breaking a promise is not a serious issue and we can make any promises without any reason as there is no importance of it!

  • As the children grow up, he/she also starts making promises like everyone does. As they already got lessons about how to break promises? From there elders, they also join in the circle of promise breakers and starts breaking promises with others. In other words – simply lies before peoples on the name of promises as they already fixed that they will break the promise.
  • On the other side, a man gives importance to his promises and try to keep those up to his optimum level. As he learned moral values and value of your spoken words.

I  guess anybody who cares at least a little bit about children’s will choose the second option.

So try to think about children’s, who learns more from us than they learn by themselves.

But why those mistakes we didn’t notice still!!  Usually, don’t think about those mistakes until it becomes a very serious issue.
So what is the reason, and what makes us blind when the time comes for those broken promises?

The answer is-  it is normal for us. We also break promises and children learned from us. So how can we find those mistakes in others what we are doing every day? 

It’s time to think. What you want, and how you want to see your children after ten or twenty years?

So you want to get rid of this problem to make your children’s life a better one, I guess.

To make your children a good human by hart, you should change some wrong lifestyle practice,  and follow these simple solutions to make your children’s lives, a better one.

  1. Don’t ignore moral teachings by stating it as an old-fashioned topic.
  2. Tell your children those stories only, that have something to relate with our real life and have a good thought.
  3. Avoid stories of superheroes and cartoon programmes as much as you can. It makes your children dive into an imaginary fantasy world which is very different from our real life. It also confuses children to chose what is real? And what is unreal?
  4. Don’t lie in front of your children
  5. Don’t make jokes about someone’s bad times, even it is about your worst enemy.
  6. Don’t discuss other people and stop the conversation of what they should do?…..what they did? etc.
  7. Don’t criticise someone else.
  8. Don’t avoid your children’s wish to be with you, even if it is about your best tv serial or cricket match. Don’t let the child think he/she is less  important than the match or any other program.
  9. Last and serious point..don’t break those promises what you did with your children. 

So it looks so simple but this matter is complex and can affect your children. So if you want to make your children a virtuous person then always flow the rules from very begging.

I think that’s it! As it is a simple but complex topic, I feel like… I’m missing something, but can’t able to figure it out!   If you have anything to add or if you have any question please leave it in the comments.
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