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Two Souls Of This World

We are two souls of same kind,

Hyaline  and frozen .

We left our heart and body;

Many years ago,

when we saw each other!

We  started our journey  

on the same path,

Although  from opposite direction!

Days, weaks,months,years then century,

All passed one by one.

But still the distance is too long

That i can’t see  you clear,

Although, we are two souls of same kind,

Hyaline and frozen.

We are souls, we can go everywhere.

Anywhere in earth and beyond it too.

Although from centuries I’m searching,

The way of your heart.

Its strange ,for both of us.

We  are same, we know that.

Still i can’t be so sure ,

As we  are souls and left our brains,

In that body , when we left.

Yes i accept , souls can’t think.

But  do you remember? We left our all,

To be together as a one soul.

Although the earth is round,

Still we never meet .

From centuries we are on

An endless journey.

We are souls, of same kind.

We can go anywhere,

But i don’t know 

 the way of your heart.



Hey I'm mamoon blogging from 2015. I write about fashion trends and lifestyle.

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