You Have My words, 💑 My Unspoken Love Story From My Dairy

Winters night has covered the earth with his darken chest. Fog and soil touching each other now. Its the only time for them to fall in endless love. Suddenly my winter sleep broke without any notice. Now its one is. I picked up my phone and started looking at image gallery. Those photos remind me of my one and only love, Isha; my life.
I don’t know how long i was lost  in looking at her. Suddenly tears started falling down along my chicks.

I was lost in many thoughts, Why we are away from each other ? Why   I’m failing everytime  to hold Isha though the world is against me. Why  we quarrel holding nothing but air inside us  ?
I know the reason ,  our intense love.  I know we are lovebirds. We can’t imagine  to spend a day without thinking about us. I know Isha also missing me a lot. Maybe she is also awake now like me.

At one side our intense love and at other side responsibility.  In between this two things my condition is like  “two legs on different boats”.  Sometimes I tried to get lost in the hips of responsibilities and sometimes I surrendered myself to Isha. But I failed in both. Sometimes my heart was revolting for my decision and sometimes world pinning me down.
I get so worried whenever I think about losing Isha. I love Isha so much, more than my life.  But many time, I hurt her… When she suffers in pain those chains of responsibilities holdes me away from her. My heart also cries with her, silently.  I can feel her pain. But what can I do to solve our problem? So I cry silently, men can’t cry what society told me when I was young.

Maybe no one counts my tears  but my pillow absorbs every single drop of it. Whole days painful journey every night gets deposited on my pillow.

Everything can be fake! But the tears of my eyes and my conversations with my pillow is not fake!

Isha is everything of my life, its the only world where I want to breathe.

Sometime  i think  , how can a  person becomes so important in your life? But i know its the reality its the life.

Sometime i also think ,why i dedicated the  major portion of my life for her?

The answer amazed me every time. Only to get some love.

Hmm.Maybe she is the reason for my living. I only know, I love Isha and I will do rest of my life. I can’t imagine a world without her. How can I forget those evenings with her? How can I control myself to not look at her big eyes? How can I spend a day without holding her hand?

I only know she is everything. And i don’t want to lose her. Maybe i will loose the remained parts of me  if i loose her permanently.
An untold love story from my dairy… To be continued…

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