Making Hostel Rooms Inhabitable


It’s that time of year again, the academic year will start soon. The time has come, for those of us who live in hostels, to pack our bags, and go to the place we will call home for the next year. I’ve seen many dorm rooms in the past year, my first time living in the hostel, and they ranged from looking like the Sahara desert, or worse, a garbage dump, to looking like paradise. Mine was quite barren for the most part of the first semester. I stuck to the essentials, and it looked more like a sterilized hospital room (thanks, OCD!) than it did like an eighteen-year-old’s dorm room. I never really felt comfortable there, it was like I was a guest in my own room, until I decided to make some changes. After having spent hours surfing Pinterest, and Tumblr (I do many things to avoid studying)…

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