Dussera: A Responsibility with Gaiety


Existance of spirits makes India different from other nations. Indians seek opportunities to celebrate, secondly it is the rich mythology which provides them reasons to celebrate every event. These festivals not only serve our religious goals but also impart moral values in the youth. Besides, they also provide us a break from our monotonous life. One such festival which serves all these purposes is Vijayadashami better known as Dussera.
Dussera is primarily celebrated by Hindu population but in a secular country like India, Muslims and Christians too indulge in the celebrations. It falls on the tenth day, in the month of Ashwin according to the Hindi calendar. Clones of Ravana are burnt, fairs are held and there is an exchange of joy in the atmosphere. Dussera which is followed by Navratri is an auspicious day as it marks the date when the good triumphed over the evil.
The story of Dussera dates back to the time when the legend of Ramayana was being scripted. It was the day when the daemon king Ravana was murdered by lord Ram. Secondly it is also believed that Durga also killed the buffalo daemon Mahishasura. Undoubtedly this serves as a gaiety reason to commemorate Dussera.
Someone rightly said “Good always overrules the evil” and thus this occasion signifies the same. I would like to throw some light on this statement as it is very benevolent if followed. One must impart good qualities in itself, should always be inclined towards the preaching of the good conscience and lastly should make every effort to curb negative vibes to out par it’s sins. Be it any legend, any Lord or any book, all adhere to this saying. It is also very evident that good people on Earth outshine others.
It was the might of Ram who defeated Ravana, it was the greatness of Akbar who appealed to the Hindus, it was the ideals of Gandhi which led to the victory and lastly owing to the kindness of Kalam, he is glimmering in our hearts today. This Dussera it is the opportunity to inculcate some extra virtues in ourselves & defeat the ill habits. Undoubtedly it is futile to celebrate such a holy festival just for its sake, it is our responsibility to understand its hidden inner meaning of the occasion to gain supreme power and jolly.
Here in India, different regions have their own unique way for celebrating this fest. In West Bengal, idols of Durga are whole heartedly worshipped, in contrast to the celebrations in Northern India are mainly focused acts depicting Ramlila to for revival of cultural heritage. Celebrations in Southern India are focused on decorations of buildings, distribution of scrumptious delicacies and chanting traditional songs. Lastly in Western India views Dussera as a medium to attain a break from stressed lifestyle and get into the festive ambience. Mostly the West enjoys a mixture of all the celebrations around the country. It specialises in worship of the sacred Apta tree and various dances.Thus it is valuable and popular among the top ten rituals ,practised in India.

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Amish Agarwal


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