10 Things That Will Boost your Performance

To achieve your goals you have to work hard. Some people say that you have to work smart too. But nowadays best performers in major industries does both. They do hard work in a smart way. And by doing it they can complete a lot of work without compromising the quality and their health. Want to find out how? Read on ...


10 Cultural facts about Indian Society ( Shocking )

Cultural facts about Indian

India, the land of diversity and mystery. It's a country where you can see numerous cultures, religions, and beliefs are inhabiting altogether. From its one state to another, you can see a completely different set of language, food, festivals, dress, and architecture. In this post, you will know about - some cultural facts about India,… Continue reading 10 Cultural facts about Indian Society ( Shocking )

Why Do We Need To Take One Step Back |Life, Dreams, Wishes & Priorities

Sometimes we all need to take one step back. And re-think our wishes and priorities. You first dream about it, like it, starts thinking about it... The moments pass like a rollercoaster. Filled with excitement, little bit of fear. And the joy of doing something different next day. Finally, the dream becomes your wish. Now… Continue reading Why Do We Need To Take One Step Back |Life, Dreams, Wishes & Priorities

You Need To Take Things Easy – My Personal Experience

I wanted it damn hard. Like very very much. Prepared myself to do anything that it takes. But suddenly one day everything changed. It was a small storm. But it kept me thinking. Does it worth enough for my sacrifices? Or I am doing it beyond my capabilities, to get it sooner? It's clear that… Continue reading You Need To Take Things Easy – My Personal Experience

Morning Yoga Benefits – Top 10

In this post, you will find Health Benefits Of Doing Yoga Early In The Morning and some practical tips for those who are not sure if they can do it or not every morning. I  will also discuss the best times to perform yoga. Suggested : How to live a healthy lifestyle Are You A Morning Person? For… Continue reading Morning Yoga Benefits – Top 10

Rise Your Thinking Level And Mindset

Being alive means ' every day you wake up it's a new day/Life for you'. You get the chance to make your dreams come true. You are free to make decisions about you and your visions. Don't let anyone tell you what to do. You do what you wanna do it's your life and you should live it in your tearms and conditions. Wakeup and stay alive. #mindeset #mood #life #lifestyle #social

Why You Should Never Break A Promise You Did with Your Children,Anytime

dont lie to childrens

Promise is the first step to bind our souls together. If it kept unbroken ,it makes the bond a special one.without right promises relationship between two or more persons is very hard to form. It is also important to grow your children into a perfect good-hearted human being. Read this article to know about Why you should never break a promise you did with your children ,anytime.